Writing a dissertation, either in humanities or in sciences, is an assignment that requires a lot of time and effort. Even before your topic is approved, you will have to present an exact outline of your future work, and once this proposal is approved, stick unfailingly to your initial plan. Though a typical dissertation will not be longer than 30 pages, writing it is still not the same as writing a couple of the 15-page essays. To write a thesis that is profound and meaningful, you will have to make a lot of research, spend time thinking over the most logical order for your material organization, not to mention the necessity of formatting this paper up to the highest academic standards.

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You also should note that the three chapters of your dissertation should be vividly discernable, and each of them should have a purpose of its own. Though all of them should be related to one another, you cannot discuss the same issues in each and every chapter. It does not matter which chapter of your dissertation will be written first as long as you feel comfortable about writing it. Still, it is more than advisable to write your abstract, introduction, and conclusion when the chapters are already finished.

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